All set for a wheelie good time!

The wheels are on their way!  Bournemouth’s next big thing – the Wheels Festival – is revving up for a spectacular debut next way, attracting an audience of an estimated 360,000 visitors and locals to the town next May.

Featuring everything from skateboards and cycles to motorbikes and monster trucks, the Wheels Festival looks set to be a tribute to transport, pulling in the petrolheads from far and wide.

Bournemouth Tourism boss Mark Smith says the festival, which runs from May 24 to 26, “will cement Bournemouth’s reputation as a premier destination” and, since he’s the man that dreamed up the Bournemouth Air Festival, he should know!

And for the resort’s hospitality industry, the Wheels Festival is another great opportunity to win new business.  The town’s hotels, restaurants and bars will be packed – if they’re packaged and promoted properly.

Now’s the time to start planning, so if you need any help, or advice, or just a friendly chat to bounce a few ideas around, do get in touch!