Diverse workforce

Training an inclusive workforce

Simon Scarborough Associates recognises the importance of a workforce that includes people of all physical and mental abilities. By offering an inclusive training package that takes these different levels of knowledge and skills into account, we can ensure that a business can offer everyone the same opportunities as an employee.

This training upskills those living with disabilities, whether a company offers employment, work experience or the opportunity to volunteer.

Case study

Crumbs is a professional catering service for businesses and the community, which uses mixed-ability trainees.  It offers a way to develop confidence through team working, and improves employment prospects through WorkSteps, a specialist pre-employment programme.

Through its many contacts within the hospitality industry, locally, regionally, and nationally, Simon Scarborough Associates has matched Crumbs’ personnel with a range of supportive businesses and worked with employer and employee to ensure a high success rate for companies offering paid employment.