Bespoke in-house training

For a business that wants to move to the next level, we can offer a bespoke programme of training and advice that will do exactly that. A tailored approach that considers your business’ unique offer and USP, and enhances this for your guests, is the most effective way to make you stand out.

This is particularly effective where you have a unique issue that needs addressing but cannot find an appropriate training course. Simon Scarborough Associates can research and design a bespoke training programme that will include examples and case studies, exercises, and information – but all specifically selected to be relevant to your business, your employees, and your objectives.

An analysis of what training is needed, followed by the creation of a unique programme and a flexible approach to when and where this can be offered, will transform your employees, and make sure that you have a happy, confident workforce.

Case study
Dolphin Shopping Centre

The Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole, Dorset is home to over 130 shops and food outlets, attracting thousands of people each week. Its trained security guards have a difficult role, being both authority figures and a focus for enquiries and customer care.  Simon Scarborough Associates worked with the security and maintenance teams to encourage them to go the extra mile for visitors without compromising their authority.  This successful programme is now being rolled out to other shopping centres across the country.