Rooms For Improvement

More than 2,000 British hotels have closed their doors over the past decade, according to a shock-horror report in The Times newspaper, with the loss of nearly 40,000 rooms.

Buried towards the end of the article, however, was the news that more than 100,000 new rooms have come on stream during the same ten-year period, and that by 2030, the report goes on, the UK could have as many as 850,000 hotel rooms to fill – every day!

Although a lot of this new supply will come from the big brand names like Hilton and Premier Inn, smaller unbranded hotels will still account for around 40 per cent of the nation’s room-stock, which just goes to show that independent hoteliers are holding their own.

However, the market is becoming increasingly crowded, and those independents will need to up their game and sharpen their competitive edge.

And – guess what? – that’s exactly where Simon Scarborough Associates can help!