Bitesize Bournemouth

All you need to know about Bournemouth in 90 minutes

NCTADo you have employees who are new to Bournemouth, or new to working with visitors?  The NCTA is offering FREE short induction sessions for all those who work in tourism, which aim to familiarise customer-facing staff with Bournemouth as a resort – its history, attractions, transport links and the town’s different areas. Plus a refresher on how to offer the best customer care!

By arming those in daily contact with visitors with the tools to confidently help and welcome visitors to Bournemouth, we hope to enhance the overall resort visitor experience.

Led by industry expert Simon Scarborough, these fortnightly sessions will be delivered in a range of locations across the resort every second Wednesday throughout the season.

Starting at 3pm at the Premier Inn Westover Road, on Wednesday 23rd April, delegates can expect a full learning experience packed into just an hour and a half.  Topics covered include locations of popular landmarks, a short history of Bournemouth, customer service training, transport and advice on how to answer common visitor questions.

Some sessions have a bolt-on ‘events seminar’, starting after the induction at 4.30pm (you don’t have to attend the induction session prior to attending the ‘events seminar’).  Event seminars finish at 5pm, and offer details on the major festivals that make Bournemouth such an eventful place.

We’re hoping to have a short presentation from you about the Wheels Festival. Answering any questions that the audience may have about where things are being held, where they can get more information quickly for visitors, transport and parking, timings, etc. It will be a great opportunity to equip them face to face with all the facts and figures they’ll need to make the Wheels Festival visitor experience a great one!